Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hibernate Questions

Please post the Answers for the fallowing Questions:

1Q: How the web server or applications server knows that you are using Hibernate?
2Q: What are the parameters has to use to create a database resource in the hibernate.cfg.xml?
3Q: What is hivernate mapping file and what is the use of it?
4Q: What is ORM mapping software and how hibernate differs from other ORM mapping softwares?
5Q: What are the features of hibernate?
6Q: What is sessionFactory and when the sessionFactory is created?
7Q: What is the use of dialect in the hibernate mapping file?
8Q: What is HQL ?
9Q: What are the ways you have to get data from database in hiberanate?
10Q: What is the difference between Hibernate session and HTTP session.

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