Tuesday, December 22, 2009

WEB 3.0

The next generation of the web is WEB 3.0 .
The applications will make the user to feel comfortable and easier.

Many of the experts believe that the Web 3.0 browser will act like a personal assistant. In web 3.0 as you search the Web, the browser learns what you are interested in. The more you use the Web, the more your browser learns about you and the less specific you'll need to be with your questions. Eventually you might be able to ask your browser open questions like "where should I go for lunch?" Your browser would consult its records of what you like and dislike, take into account your current location and then suggest a list of restaurants.

The third web 3.0 search engines will take a great revolution in the web. The web 3.0 search engines searches phrases along with the words. This will act like human brain to summarize the results obtained by it.

As you heard the word web 3.0 you may think like what is web 1.0 or what is web 1.0 .

The term web 2.0 is coined by O'Reilly media. After knowing web 2.0 word people used to think about web 1.0 . With out confusion these terms are purely related to the web.

Web1.0 :
Web 1.0 is just like a library from there user can read the information and view the images. For the web 1.0 applications you cannot contribute the information.

Web 2.0:
Web 2.0 allows user to interact with the content on the web and he can share his content on it. The user will get rich experience with web 2.0.

As per the experts the web 3.0 should give every thing by depending on your like and dislikes. As per conversation this might look interesting and it may give good feel to visualize but it will give the headache for the experts while designing and developing.

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