Wednesday, March 31, 2010

JSF is Cool..........

After spending with few days on jsf its looking like cool and making me share my happiness with you.

The features given in JSF is very impressive. The development with JSF is giving more happiness.The tag libraries (Core as well as UI tag libraries) given in JSF are more friendly and easy to understand.
The concept of managed-bean, Backing-bean and connecting the beans from the jsf elements (tags) is makes the developer to concentrate on the Business logic more instead of playing with requests and responses. There are more cool features in JSF for the developer as well as user and more plugins to to improvise the JSF functionalities.

I spent more than 2 months with JSF its gave me confidence on my developing skills and its made me think more on business logic.

At present I am enjoying while learning the JSF. I hope, I will come with more explanation on JSF and Integration of JSF with hibernate, spring, struts.

I am sure I will come with architecture of jsf and small examples and complexities discussions with you..............

Sunday, March 7, 2010

JSF Vs Struts Post Your Responces as comments.

I worked on Struts 1.x i felt it was easy. Now I am working on JSF with JBoss Portlets its looks little bit complicated while development. Why its looking like that? Is really JSF is complex when compared to Struts?
 In struts I used to have request and response in My hand so that i felt every thing was in my hand to control the application.
 But Jsf with Portlets is not like that. We need to work around to get the request and response objects.But handling these request and response objects is not as easy as in struts.
I feel working with Jsf and portlets is little bit difficult when I compare  struts frame work.
Is Jsf complex or Jsf with portlets combination is complex ?

Can you please let me know when to go for JSF with portlets otherwise with struts.