Friday, November 19, 2010

My Hero : Stephen Hawking

Heroes are the people who can overcome fear, or help others overcome fear. 
Here I am happy to tell about is, someone who just lives his life as he is. He has faced terrible problems and has become a great person of new scientific era.
So he is my Role Model, He is my Hero, He is my Inspiration….
He is Stephen Hawking… He is a unique person with extraordinary mind.
My Hero is a person whose greatness sneaked up on the world. He was born on 8th January 1942 in England. Although there were thousands of people born on that day, but he was special. As child he is little clumsy and bit too smart.
With his smartness he became great intellect but with his clumsiness he got the disease called “Motor Neuron Disease”. With this disease he has been confined to a wheel chair from the last 4 decades and most of his external body organs stopped working. From the last 25 years he is not able to speak.

Hacking’s external organs eyes, ears and little left hand small fingers only active. In spite of all these physical disabilities he is totally dedicated to his work. 
Actually Hawking has been working on basic laws of the Universe. Hawking has done many great things, I found fallowing are the major things according to me.
He has done the extreme work in new scientific era. He has been proved that the Black Holes emit the Radiation and now it’s named as Hacking’s radiation.
In 1988 he wrote a book called “A Brief History of Time” which became the international best seller of the year.
American news paper Chicago Times wrote “Hawking is a legend right up there with Galilee and Newton and Einstein”.
Here I will share one important thing about Hawking which happened in his life. Once he was in middle of writing a book. With his disease he lost his voice. There is no other way to write or communicate except by blinking of eyes. Fortunately, he loved his work so much that he continued on with it despite the ever clinking fear dying.
After several years he has received a present from his college friend. The present was a revolutionary new Computer that attached to his Wheel chair and would talk to him. He now had a way to write his papers and lectures to students. It seemed that his life was now seems better.
I hope that, generally our problems are not bigger than Hawking’s problems.
He has not saved someone’s life, but he inspired mine. So in my opinion, He is my Hero and if you don’t mind he will always be my hero.
Are our problems are bigger than Hawking’s problems? Never right…..
So, He is My Role model, He is my inspiration finally he is my HERO…



Nalini Hebbar said...

my hero too...a man who dares to dream differently

Mallik said...

yes he is most people's hero