Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Top 5 Best posts in 2010

We have successfully completed the year 2010. I just rewind myself on blog posts in 2010. I have posted total 47 posts in the year 2010. While looking into my posts I decided to list out the top 5 posts in 2010. I am trying to list the posts depending on time taken to write it and the importance of the posts.

The Top 5 posts are:

My wonderful journey to "Shirdi"  

I went shirdi tour for three days with colleagues. The journey has taken three days and we have enjoyed a lot. I have shared my experience with this post, It has taken nearly 3 days to complete but it was good post. Because, if a person wants to visit Shirdi he can know that the near by tourist places.

My Hero : Stephen Hawking 

I have read about Stephen Hawking for three days continuously. He is a great person and great scientist. While I am reading about him, I found that he is a great role model for most of the young people and scientists. So, I have shared my opinion with you.

Introduction to Apache Cassandra 

In my project I got  chance to work on Apache Cassandra. I have done R & D on it for a month. I have learned so many things about Cassandra, So I have shared my knowledge with you all.

A Small Request to 2011 - from 2010

While I am leaving the year 2010, I found that it is ending as more corrupted year of the last decade. So  I have planned to share my opinion to realize in the next year.

Java Performance Tuning Tips

 As a software engineer, I am working on Java. So, I shared few performance tips which useful to build a good application.


These top 5 posts are chosen by me depending on my back ground work. This purely my opinion.

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