Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Working with JTest

JTest is to test the Java code to increase its performance by analyzing it.
Using JTest you can do, Code static analysis, Unit testing ..etc.
The following are advantages of JTest : 

1.You can quickly expose bugs in your code by running Jtest's Bug Detective and coding standards static
analysis with its set of most critical rules.
2. You can Create and Leverage an Automated Regression Test Suite
3. You can Verify the Continued Functionality of Units/Components in an Executable Application
4. You can Determine if Code is Reliable and Robust
5. You can Identify Security Vulnerabilities
6. You can test EJBs and Other Java EE Components
7. There is a chance to achieve 80-90% Code Coverage
8. You can prevent Application-Specific Errors from Recurring
9. You can apply Coding Best Practices Across the Team
10. You can Identify and Remove Duplicate Code and Duplicate Code also.
11. You can ensure that Code Follows Team-Wide Style and Formatting Guidelines
12. You can avoid Common Java Coding Mistakes.
13. Ensure that Code Complies with Best Practices for a Technology (EJB, Hibernate, Struts, JSP, etc.)
14. You can Identify Unexpected Code Behavior
15. You can Prevent and Detect Memory Problems.
16. Track Coverage for Cactus and HTTPUnit Tests
17. You can Monitor Project Quality and Record Test Findings
18. You can Set and Monitor Quality Goals