Saturday, April 9, 2011

After long days..............with Worl cup 2011

To day is April 9th, I have posted my last post on 15th march, it has taken nearly one month to write this post due to hectic schedule with my work. I have tried a lot to write a post all these days, but I couldn't get the time spend at least an hour. Finally I got time to share about my feelings to day. At this time, I would be very happy if Congratulate our TEAM INDIA for the winning of CRICKET world cup.


I can say that we got the we got this cup with the combined effort of all the Team  and Non team members especially the coach Kirston. Once again Congratulations to Mr. Sachin, Dhoni, Yuvaraj and all the team and non team members and to all Indian cricket lovers.  

Here, I would like to share my feelings about this world cup....

Initially, before starting of world cup matches I used to have more confidence on our Indian team that they definitely win the world cup. But it gradually decreased while I was watching all the league matches. It started greatly with Bangladesh match, but it disappointed in most of the matches even it won the matches. Finally, it reached to Quarter final and from that onwards,   Indian team picked up and won the great match with Australia. It was a great match and Indian team stopped the Australian's world cup winning history continuously.

We have reached to Semi final with Pakistan. I couldn't find words to praise our TEAM INDIA for winning of that match. I hope, all the Indians were very happy for winning of that semi final match. 

After winning the Semi final match, India became the favorite except for Srilankan's.  This match showed that Dhoni is a great Captain and he played well in that match. With that match Dhoni Reserved a seat with Capil Dev in Indian and world history with the name of World cup winning Captain. 

Yuvaraj, Sachin, Sehwag and Jaheerkhan played a good role in most of the matches and it is not simply few people effort. It is a combined effort of all the Team and Non team members.

All Indians were celebrated and still celebrating for winning of world cup 2011. So, Congrtulations to all for winning of World cup 2011.


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