Saturday, May 21, 2011

Need of Real beauty to my second part of my life

I am in need of a Real Beauty to be with me in my second part of the life as I have going to cross my bachelor life. At this point i am very happy to share my views about My Real beauty. The real beauty is not just a human being; it might be the place, object, animal etc… Here I am going to write about a beautiful lady, who should have real beauty characteristics to become part of my life.

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I have used the word beauty on ladies by looking at their face so many times in the past. But once I decided to choose a real beauty as part of my life, then I used to think about how can I define a real beauty and  what a real beauty is?. Sometimes I found that it is a hard to define or describe about the beauty of women. But, after understanding of real beauty I would expecting few of the characters as part of my partner. 

The concept of beauty, in fact, is different from person to person. Anyone can tell you their personal definition of beauty: who they think is beautiful and who isn’t. 

Small Definition of Beauty…..

So what is Beauty? Beauty is a characteristic of a person, place, object or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning or satisfaction. Beauty may occur in different form, physical beauty of female, inner beauty of kind man, graceful beauty of grandeur dame and even ordinary beauty of common people.

As we seeing every day, beauty contests like Miss Universe and shows like Extreme Makeover, as well as People Magazine featuring the most beautiful people in the world. If we observe clearly the competitions, we can have a true definition of a real beauty?.The concept of these shows is, the competitors should have internal beauty including the external beauty. As per this assumption only winner will be decided.

So, beauty is just not a person face or person body structure; it is also a characteristic of a person. 

True beauty doesn't need any kind of ornaments. It is a gift from God to Human beings. The person who gets blessed by nature gets blessed with precious beauty.

Expectations of My Real Beauty characters: 
  • She should have well outside beauty like The Moon.
  • She should have cool mind like an Ice.
  • She should have a kindly heart like The Ocean.
  • She should too kind like Mother.
  • She should help to others like Tree.
  • Her thoughts should be cleaner like Milk. 
This is my view about the real beauty. Different persons will have different views. So, others might have not consider all these points.

Thank you.


Neeraj Kumar said...

Well Engineered views!!!!!!

best of luck for the contest

Someone is Special said...

IT EINSTEIN.. I love your second part of your life in this post.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

Someone is Special

Indiana Amrita said...

Your ideologies are quite interesting! :)

I loved the header of ur blog too! ;)

Anonymous said...

no offence, it einstein- but arent your expectations too idealistic? Its very difficult for one person to be all the things you purpoted