Friday, December 30, 2011

Thanks to 2011

This is the time say thanks to 2011, it brought remarkable changes in my life and its gave me the confidence to start new things which takes me into redesign myself.

I have started my new career with a new team in a new company along with the 2011. As it is passing away I continued in learn new things, interacting with many number of people, continued in improving communication skills, I have learned many technical skills. So, I got the many appreciations and many recognitions for my dedicated work in the team. Finally I like to stress is 2011 brought considerable change in my work.

I am very sad for the retiring of 2011, and I am very happy in welcoming the new year 2012 which might bring more colorful and more happiness into my life. I hope 2012 brings more remarkable changes than 2011, and I wish you all the best for you all.

I am welcoming you all in inviting the new year.... :) so...

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 all for you my dear friends...:)