Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dartium - Google New Browser

Google launched a new browser called Dartium by intregrating the dart technology into Chrome. In this browser Developers can have the Technology preview of his code. They have already released the Mac and Linux version of the browser and Windows version is coming soon and no time lines has been specified for the Windows version of the browser

The Technical overview of the Dart browser mentioned as, "Dart is a new class-based programming language for creating structured web applications. Developed with the goals of simplicity, efficiency, and scalability, the Dart language combines powerful new language features with familiar language constructs into a clear, readable syntax", on the dart official website.

You can download the Mac and Linux versions of the browser by clicking here.

The browser looks like below:

Sample examples which were developed using the dart browser have been placed on the dart official site. You can fined the GPS enable application which was developed in HTML 5 is here.

We have to wait few more days to get complete versions of dart and lets hope for the best and all the best for google.


Abhinav said...

Greatly informative. Nice job

Mallik said...

Thanks you Abhinav... :)