Saturday, February 11, 2012

HTML5 More Useful Links

Recent days HTML5 became more popular and good presentation web technology due to its excellent features. Currently we are unable to see most of the HTML5 based applications in the web as it is not using completely around the world. But we can believe that, in future HTML 5 replaces the most of the web presentation technologies. As a developer I have tried to look into it and tried to implement the some of the examples in HTML5 and I found that HTML5 has excellent features like canvas implementation, GPS integration tags, Audio and Vedio play tags.

As we have a greater scope or greater future for the HTML 5 designers, it is better to digest the things from now onwards. In my research I found so many examples in number of websites. As per my understanding I took some sites and I have classified them into three categories as mentioned below. This is only my experience over the sites and I feel, if a person wants to learn HTML 5 he has to go through the below step.





banti said...

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Mallikarjun Gunda said...

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