Thursday, July 26, 2012

Get Answers for mathematical equations from Google Search

Every one know that Google is always coming up with the new inventions and trying to make the Google as life to the user in future. Below is one of the new invention from the Google.

Google has just released a new 34-button scientific calculator in the Google serch options. Go ahead and enter an equation into Google Search. Try 2+2. Now, instead of simply coming up with the answer, Google presents you with a full, 34-button scientific calculator. You can also find the answers for Trigonometric functions and 'Pi' functions

You can also access the calculator with Desktop Voice Search. Just click the little microphone icon in the search bar, speak your equation out loud and wait a split second for your answer. A pared-down version of the calculator also appears during mobile searches.

Today I have tested the calculator with the mathematical equations, triganometric functions and others..., it is amazing for me.

So, why to wait? start searching mathematical equations or mathematical functions in google.... Hope you will enjoy

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