Monday, December 31, 2012

Yet another year passed - Welcome New Year 2013

I have been keep on expecting the better India and better life of people in India every day. I have been written few posts in on my blog for the last two years by expecting good changes in the new year as below.

Thanks to 2011

As I was expecting good things for every year, but it has been shamed to see the bad things day by day. At the same time we seen few good achievements in this year. 

Every Indian knows that political changes being scrolled in India during 2012, I am not big interested to discuss more about the dram being happened during 365 days of 2012. I couldn't attracted towards that drama. 

From the sports point, India has won the notable amount of prizes in London Olympics, it makes every Indian to be proud. The cricket legends Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, V V S Laxman have declared their retirement this year, it was a bad year for every one who likes cricket and these people.

It has been a great year for every gadget liker. We have seen wonderful gadgets this year with the legend Android operating system and they have reached to most of man's heart. I liked Samsung Galaxy note and Galaxy II. Android brought huge change in human's daily life and became a part of their regular activities. Thanks to Google for providing such a user friendly operating system in the Gadgets.

By the days passing, the corruption in India is keep on increasing and it be became a part of the most of the politicians. Even though 2011 ended by taking the corrupted year with the 2G scam, 2012 has been started with other major scams in India. I don't want to list them all, but every human in India shouldn't forget the corruption made in 2012 by the Indian political people and officers. Thanks to Anna Hazare for the successful anti corruption movement and Lokpal bill, Indian youth is behind you to make such movements more successful in upcoming days.

Finally, 2012 has been ended with the sad story. The 23-year-old girl gangraped on a bus in south Delhi with six men and she was died after valiantly fighting her injuries for 13 days. Whole India prayed for her to get cured from injuries but god has taken her back. This was the big incident in India for 2012. Keep expecting to not have such incidents further. 

As the clock is revolving, days will pass and years will come. What ever the situation may be, we have to invite the new year with new hopes. So, for 2013 I would expect to have great year in my life which I never see. I would expect see the no corruption in India, growth in all aspects and all the government facilities should reach to common people.

Thank you to one and all who are following my blog regularly and  keep on watching my posts continuously. Your support is boosting me to improve the quality of this site.

Finally, Yet Another year passed in my life. So, lets join with me to Welcome the new Year 2013.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Bull Fight at Ocean Park