Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Is Spring and why you need Spring

Spring is the most popular application development framework for enterprise Java™. Millions of developers use Spring to create high performing, easily testable, reusable code without any lock-in.

Message Driven Architecture (Part 1)

This vedio will provide an overview of Spring's support for scheduling, messaging, and enterprise integration. You will learn how these features provide a platform for message-driven architecture. You will also learn about Spring's support for Hohpe and Woolf's Enterprise Integration Patterns. This will include demos of several basic patterns such as Message Channel, Message Transformer, and Message Router, as well as composite patterns such as Scatter/Gather using a Splitter and Aggregator. The examples will also cover different options for adding custom integration logic within the configuration-driven context. Those options include not only POJOs, but also Spring 3.0's Expression Language and Groovy scripts. Finally, you will see Channel Adapters and Messaging Gateways that support JMS, Web Services, Email, and more.

Spring Dependency Injection Style (Part 1)

In this talk we will provide a hands-on tour of the new dependency injection features in Spring 3.0.

More Practical Tips and Tricks with Spring Integration

In this session of "Practical Tips-and-Tricks" we will cover some of the more advanced topics of enterprise integration such as advanced aggregation and resequencing, asynchronous message flows, message ID customizations, content enrichment and advanced message routing and more.

Modern Enterprise Java Architectures with Spring 3.1

This presentation covers the key feature set in Spring 3.1, from environment profiles and Java-based application configuration to declarative caching and Servlet 3.0 support. Spring 3.1's capabilities will be discussed in the context of current trends such as cloud computing and HTML 5, influencing the way enterprise Java applications will be built in 2012 and beyond.


Spring Dependency Injection Styles

In this talk we will provide a tour of modern dependency injection and Spring container configuration styles, including those delivered in the recently-released Spring 3.1. We will show by example the use of XML, Annotated POJOs, and Java @Configuration classes to wire up your application. Just as important to knowing how to configure the container, we will also discuss why you would choose one method over another, as well as how they can be mixed and matched.

Securing Rest-ful Web Services with OAuth2

This presentation will not go into a lot of detail about the OAuth2 protocol and related specifications, but will attempt to show some of the key features of a system secured with OAuth2 and the decision points when choosing to build such a system.

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Getting Started with Spring Security 3.1

Spring Security is a framework that focuses on providing both authentication and authorization to Java applications. Like all Spring projects, the real power of Spring Security is found in how easily it can be extended to meet custom requirements. In this presentation Rob will incrementally apply Spring Security to an existing application to demonstrate how it can meet your authentication and authorization needs. It will also answer many of the common "how to" questions that are found on the forums. This will ensure that you can not only secure your application quickly, but ensure you understand Spring Security well enough to extend it to meet your custom requirements.

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What's new in Spring MVC 3.2

This presentation will focus on what's new specifically in the area of Spring MVC. The presentation will explain all noteworthy features and, as is usual with every new release, there will be a lot to discuss including Servlet-based async request support, content negotiation enhancements, REST error handling, @MVC test support, and much more.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Testing Web Applications with Spring 3.2

One of the most exciting new features in Spring Framework 3.2 is Spring MVC Test. What makes it so interesting is the comprehensive support for testing web applications and context hierarchies with the Spring TestContext Framework as well as comprehensive support for out-of-container Spring MVC tests.

Webinar: Spring Boot -- Simplifying Spring for Everyone

In this webinar Phil Webb will demonstrate how Spring Boot can take you from zero to Spring with minimal fuss. We will look at how you can rapidly prototype Spring applications using Groovy, and how Spring Configuration in Java applications can be radically simpler. We will show how you can embed tomcat into your applications and turn a few lines of Java into a production ready, executable jar that is less the 8 Mb.

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Spring Integration in the Wild

A number of large banks are already in production with Scala-based SI workflows, is this still leading edge or have it moved into main-stream? What next for spring Integration and the tooling, what are the clients using and asking for?

An Introduction to Spring Data

The Spring Data project is an umbrella project that provides a familiar and consistent Spring-based programming model for a wide range of data access technologies. Motivated by the rise of new NoSQL databases and Big Data solutions, there is support for Redis, MongoDB, HBase, Neo4j, Gemfire, Hadoop and Splunk. There is also a "refresh" of Spring's traditional support for JDBC and JPA. In this session, we will provide a guided tour of the Spring Data feature set, showing how you can quickly increase your productivity when creating applications that use these new data access technologies. Use cases unique to each technology will be discussed and demonstrated as well as where Spring Data provides some level of portability between different databases.

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Implementing Domain-Driven Design with Spring and vFabric

Webinar: Building WebSocket Browser Applications with Spring

At the end of this tutorial, you would understand how to build a WebSocket Browser Application using Spring.

Demo: Spring Boot, Spring Loaded and Spring Tool Suite in 4 minutes

A short demo of using Spring Boot, annotations and Spring Loaded to write a Hello World web app in 4 minutes.